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Full name?
Lucy Highbury Spencer
17 years of age.
What country do you live in?
England, yes i have a british accent.
How many followers do you have?
four digits- tumblrs an escape not a competition.
How did you get above 1k?
i dont actually know i just reblog whatever i like and people liked it.
Check out my blog?
tag a post with lucyhighbury and i will although if you message me asking to check your blog out i won’t because it proves you didnt read this.
Follow me?
don’t ask me to follow you its rude and desperate, i’ll block you.
promo for promo?
submit me your follower count if it’s above 2k then yes.
answer will be no if not unless you’re in a promo group with me.
>*insert hate here*
i honestly don’t care hahaha
*insert compliment here*
thank you it means alot :}

if you have more than 1k followers submit it to me and you can join my active promo group.